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Enter the amounts you have invested in shares, bonds, alternatives and cash and see how much return you can expect over the next 10 years with the investment calculator.

Investment in Selected Alternatives starts at SEK 1,500,000

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The return calculator should not be regarded as an investment advice but as marketing material from Selected Group Sweden. There is a risk associated with investing through Selected Alternatives, and we always recommend that investors consult their own advisers.

In connection with a potential investment through Selected Group Alternatives, investors will always be provided with the statutory documents, including the Central Investor Information Document (KIID), which describes the risk elements in connection with the investment in question.

The assumptions of the return calculator are clarified and explained below.

Elements of the calculator explained

Selected Group strives to update the calculator when the Danish Council for Return Expectations publishes new expectations every six months. The Council for Return Expectations' return forecast for a 10-year horizon is indicative.

The calculator's input consists of cash, bonds, equities, alternatives and the Selected Alternatives fund.

Cash: The Danish Council for Return Expectations does not have expectations for cash - therefore we use Danske Bank's deposit rate on Flex Invest free deposits, cf. This means that the return for cash is 0.0%, we subsequently assume that the standard deviation is 0.0% and the correlations to the other asset classes are 0.

Bonds: Bonds is a composite asset class containing the Danish Council for Return Expectations' forecast on a 10-year horizon for 50% government and mortgage bonds, 20% investment grade bonds, 15% high-yield bonds and 15% emerging market government bonds with associated standard deviations and correlations. For an all-bond portfolio, the estimated return would be 3.76%.

Equities: Equities reflect the Council's 10-year horizon forecast for Global Equities (developed markets) with associated standard deviation and correlations. For an all-stock portfolio, the estimated return would be 7.40%.

Alternatives: Alternatives are most often a mixed asset class. However, we most often see that it is Real Estate, therefore Alternatives reflect the Council for Return Expectations' forecast on a 10-year horizon for Real Estate with associated standard deviation and correlations. For an all-alternatives portfolio, the estimated return would be 4.90%.

Selected Alternatives fund: The Selected Alternatives fund consists of several underlying components. We assume a 50/50 allocation from the Council for Return Expectations for Infrastructure and Real Estate for the standard deviation. Infrastructure and Real Estate for the standard deviations. The latter's correlations are used. For a portfolio consisting solely of the Selected Alternatives fund, the return would be 7.2435% (as this is the observed annualized return since inception).

Find out if your investments are profitable with the calculator

The calculator is a tool that can be used to calculate an expected return on your investment portfolio and your investments in shares, bonds and alternative investments. At the same time, the tool can be used to calculate your expected return on shares, bonds and alternative investments if you move parts of your cash holdings into the investment options mentioned, including Selected Alternative's alternative investment funds.

The tool can therefore be used to explore the possibilities and expected outcomes of diversifying an investment portfolio and allocating capital to investments in equities, bonds and alternative investments.

The calculator also takes risk into account as a factor when comparing your return on the investment assets of shares, bonds, cash and alternative investments.

The calculator can be used by anyone interested in investing in equities, bonds and alternative investments such as real estate, solar energy, wind energy and infrastructure, as well as interested in portfolio management and the allocation of capital and investments in relation to risks and expected returns.

If you would like advice on your investment portfolio, including your equity investments, bond investments or alternative investments, please fill in the form in front of the return calculator and you will be contacted by one of our investment advisors.

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